Partners of progress.

Value creation is in our DNA.

We invest in mid-market companies operating in the dynamic and evolving Chinese economy during a time of immense change and opportunity.

Jiang PuManaging Director

What we do.

We invest our capital, industry expertise, and operating resources into mid-market companies in China that align with our investment themes and sustainability approach.

Our unique heritage and capabilities enable us to develop impactful partnerships based on shared value creation. We build on the foundations of already successful mid-market companies to drive transformative and sustainable growth.

Thematic opportunities.

We look for high-growth, mid-market businesses in China that are led by visionary entrepreneurs, and have the potential to disrupt the status quo with innovative solutions and technologies. We look for companies that have niche market leadership, are profitable or close to profitability, and face clear opportunities to grow organically.

Enterprise solutions

Businesses that apply technology and leverage the power of information will drive business efficiency and productivity growth.

Consumer economy

China is a growing consumer powerhouse, with new consumption patterns leading to new business models and category leaders.

Industrial innovation

Demographic, climate, and geopolitical change are creating opportunities for homegrown innovation and value chain disruption.

Every business is different. We work with entrepreneurs to tailor our value creation plans according to the needs of each portfolio company.

Christopher FongManaging Director & COO

Impactful value creation.

Our investment team is a dedicated resource to our portfolio partners, working hand-in-hand to shape their long-term growth. We leverage the immense industry expertise and networks of our firm’s heritage to offer differentiated solutions to the unique challenges faced by mid-market companies in China today.

Value creation for all our stakeholders is the cornerstone of our mission.

Expand Markets

We focus on highly impactful initiatives in business development and product development to accelerate revenue growth.

Build Sustainable Organizations

Growing businesses are built on sustainable organizations. We work to recruit talent, implement systems, and enhance governance.

Access Capital

We deploy our expertise in private markets, capital markets, debt financing, and capital structuring to fuel growth.