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Shanghai and Hong Kong, China, December 19, 2017 – Welkin, a China-focused mid-market growth equity investment firm, today announced that it has completed a significant investment in Pengyuan Credit (“Pengyuan”), a provider of digital trust and privacy management solutions for consumers and businesses and the operator of the Tianxia Trust platform. Welkin led and was the sole institutional investor in this latest round of financing in Pengyuan.

Pengyuan was founded in 2002 and is a pioneer of digital trust solutions in China. Pengyuan has developed a proprietary privacy computing platform that empowers consumers with better access to their own information scattered across vast data silos and better control over the way their information is shared through powerful integrations with hundreds of enterprises across banking, insurance, real estate, recruitment, transportation, and many other applications. The company offers advanced enterprise solutions, built on artificial intelligence and machine learning, that help enterprises better understand their customers and stakeholders, enabling trusted interactions and transactions instantaneously and cost-efficiently. Pengyuan also offers privacy management solutions that help enterprises manage customer and user privacy more effectively to better comply with growing consumer privacy regulations and protections.

“We’re excited to partner with Pengyuan to support its growth as it expands its digital trust and privacy management solution offerings to both consumers and businesses,” said Johnny Kong, CEO of Welkin. “As the digital economy grows, the need to establish trust among consumers and businesses is growing rapidly. Pengyuan’s solutions make digital interactions and transactions more secure and efficient.”

With this latest round of funding, Pengyuan will continue to expand its digital trust and privacy management platform and strategic partnerships to serve more industry verticals with more applications. It will also grow its consumer applications, enabling consumers to understand and benefit from their own information.

Welkin focuses on investing in the digital transformation of traditional industries as one of its core investment themes. The investment in Pengyuan represents Welkin’s third investment in tech-enabled enterprise solutions, following its investment in ALOG Technology, a provider of intelligent and automated warehouse solutions, earlier this year and Tuhu, a provider of tech-enabled auto aftermarket services and supply chain solutions, in 2015.

About Welkin

Welkin is a China-focused mid-market growth equity investment firm with a distinguished family heritage and strong entrepreneurial roots. Founded in 2009, Welkin invests in niche-leading, growth stage companies in China on behalf of global institutional investors and the firm’s employees. Welkin deploys its local resources, industry knowledge, and operating expertise, to drive impactful value creation and help companies achieve their full growth potential. For more information, please visit

About Pengyuan

Pengyuan is China’s leading digital trust and privacy solutions provider. Founded in 2002, the company’s Tianxia Trust platform helps consumers access, manage, and share their personal information through integrations with hundreds of businesses across banking, insurance, real estate, recruitment, and transportation sectors. To learn more, please visit

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